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FT SR and FA. LF RA Exs, breaks and Packs


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This is my first time posting here for trades so if my formatting is off please forgive me. Below is a list of cards I have for trade and a list of cards I would like. I will also trade these for SS packs.



Mewtwo EX Shatter shot SR

M Mewtwo ex psychic infinity FA

Giratina Ex FA

M Houndoom Ex FA

Diance Ex

M Alteria Ex RA+FA

Brigette FA

Energy Retrieval SR




M mewtwo ex psychic infinite RA

Darkrai ex RA

Yveltal ex x3 RA

Zoroark break x2


Leave offers below will be able to get online tonight to work deal if need be.

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I am confused by Mewtwo Shatter Shot and M Mewtwo Y being in both you FT and LF sections. Are you trying to downgrade the FAs for RA versions?

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Yes, I just started playing the game and bought some packs and got lucky with the SR and FA pulls and wanted to down grade to RA cards to hopefullt try to get some more cards and have multiple decks to play. I will update the post to identify that I am looking for RA

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I just find people low-ball pack offers more than a downgrade offer like what you are essentially looking for. Maybe try posting a pub trade for a RA + packs in exchange for your FA/SRs. That might prove more effective.

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I'm not looking to do all of this at once. I will do whatever people want involiving the above cards I just pit everything I am loozing to trade now and what I want so people could send me offers for whatever they were interested in

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