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Phantom booster packs


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So I redeemed a booster pack from the promotional email (Steam Siege), and saw that I got 2 bonus packs for redeeming a code. It showed that I got 1 Fates Collide, and 1 Breakpoint pack in my messages. I went to my collection and saw that I somehow have 2 trade locked FC packs and 2 tradelocked BP packs. I could open 1 of the FC packs, but the other one came up with this message: 
"Error Opening a Pack
There was an issue trying to open your pack:
Product could not be opened"
I opened 1 trade locked BP pack, but when I tried to open by second one, it opened a tradeable pack (which was annoying).

So it looks like I was only supposed to get 1 FC pack and 1 BP pack, but there are now ghost packs in my collection. Bit bummed that I opened a tradeable pack that I didn't want to open, but whatever.

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