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Flareon Bug with Blacksmith


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Hello, first of all, sorry if it's not a bug.


When i use Flareon 13/98 (Ancient Origens), all Stage 1 Pokemon gain the Fire Type, but the Support card Blaksmith dont works on that pokemon.

In last client version, that was happening normally.


Card: Blacksmith / Flareon 13/98 (Ancient Origens).
Card Number: Ancient Origens #13/98
Expected Action: Blacksmith would add 2 fire energy from graveyard to Pokemon Stage 1 that's now a Fire Type Pokemon, because of Flareon.
Actual Action: Blacksmith doesn't work in this Pokemon.


Thank you  :) 

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This is a bug, related to a known issue.  This particular instance has not been brought up, but it's the same code error causing it.  A fix is on the way. :) 

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