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Consolodating Keldeo v. Rayquaza Arena Deck


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Hello all,


I am a brand new player. My entire collection (online and real world) currently consists of two theme decks (Gears of Fire and Wave Slasher) and the Keldeo v. Rayquaza battle arena decks (plus random pulls from trainer challenge online). The two battle arena decks are what I am hoping to focus on for online play and will soon brave my local gaming store to play against other players.


My question is this: both Kedeo and Rayquaza have shared access to what are obviously top level cards (e.g. Lysandre, VS Seeker, Sycamore, etc.) in close to 50/50 quantities. I would like to choose the stronger of the two decks (help needed to determine which is stronger) and relocate the stronger cards from the weaker deck to replace the weaker cards in the stronger deck. The result would hopefully be a single 60 card deck which is at least competitive online and in person against other players of similar skill and collection size. I can always sort the decks back to the original two 60 card decks if I were so inclined to do so later.


I have searched high and low for opinions from experienced players about how to best consolidate these decks into a single deck which is stronger than either individual deck but have had no luck finding a discussion on this topic. Any help would be greatly appreciated toward this end. Thank You.

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Taking a fast first look right now to the content of the decks.

Actually there are a lot of excellent trainers. Better than the quantity of pokémon you have available to put in play. Anyway, I see easier to make a mix deck based on the water one.

2 Keldeo EX, 2-1-2 or 3-1-2 Blastoise, 2-2 Milotic, the Excellent Octillery (unfortunately just 1-1), the Regice. Even the Lapras could be useful but I would try without it. It's a very nice deck based on an excellent idea, but the quantities are not the best. From the other deck you could add the Zekrom to use colourless attack if you want.

Archie's makes you able to play mainly Blastoise (but also Octillery or any other) without having to add all its previous stages, but having only one would be a matter of having luck to pull it so very inconsistent.

2 Dive ball, 4 Sycamore, 3 UBs, 2 Level ball, 2 Float stone, 2 N, 2 Vs seeker (a pity not 4!!), 2 Lysandre, 1-2 Karen, 2 Rough seas (and 2 Skyarrow bridge as those are your only stadiums), AZ, 2 Superior energy retrieval. Maybe the Fisherman (would be a good combo with Battle compressors), Skyla and/or Teammates could also fiy if space enough.

FFB and Wally from Wave slasher and Evosoda from Gears of fire.

Finally around 12 energies probably. That makes around 16-17 pokémon (~11 basic) and 30 trainers.

Still around 2-3 spots to fill with whatever you feel you'll need like an Escape rope, Pro letter, 4th UB, any other or just extra energy.

To end, just try in Expanded to see what you miss to add it :cool:

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