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Can you help me finish HGSS Unleashed?


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Hello! Since I got bankrupt on public trade, i will try my luck here.


The cards i am missing:



Metagross foil 4/95

Shaymin 8/95

Shaymin foil 8/95

Suicune & entei Legend 95/95



Engineers adjustments foil 75/95

Rare candy foil 82/95


Here are the most wanted cards i have to offer(according to public offers):


Giratina EX 57/98 (ancient origins)

Igglybuff 44/123 (hgss)

M Gardevoir EX rc31/rc32 (gen)

Steelix prime 87/95 (hgss unleashed)



Packs: 3 ancient origins, 1 fates collide, 3steam siege


Other than that I have tons of legacy cards to spare!

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