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FT: FA Trainer, Pokes and Gameplay Sets W: RoS Packs and Steam Siege


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GamePlay (Deck Boxes and Sleeves)
2x Worlds Welcome Kit 75(RoS Only) each set Negotiable
1x Xerneas Set 1 30(RoS Only) Negotiable

Trainers and Promos
2x N 35 (RoS Only) each
2x Colress Full Art 6/12 (RoS/SS)

4x N Promo Noble Victories 2(Steam Siege) each
4x N Promo BW 100 League Stamped 4(Steam Siege) each
1x Stardust Jirachi 20(RoS Only)
1x Mewtwo EX BW45 4(Steam Siege)
2x Trainers Mail SR 3/6(RoS/SS)

2x Landorus Full Art 12 (RoS Only) each
1x Volcanion SR 4/10 (RoS/SS)
1x Yveltal EX Full Art 4/10 (RoS/SS)
1x Flareon EX Full Art 2 (Steam Siege)
3x Venusaur EX XY Base 5(Steam Siege) each
3x Blastoise EX XY Base 5(Steam Siege) each
2x Shiny Xerneas 2(Steam Siege) each
2x Shiny Yveltal 4(Steam Siege) each
1x Victini EX RA 2(Steam Siege)
1x M Steelix RA 2(Steam Siege)
1x Mew EX FA LT 4(Steam Siege)
1x Scizor EX Full Art 4/8 (RoS/SS)

​1x Darkrai EX Full Art 4/8 (RoS/SS)

​1x Giratina EX Full Art 4/8 (RoS/SS)

2x M Alakazam Full Art 6 (Steam Siege) each
1x M Altaria Full Art 3 (Steam Siege)
1x M Houndoom Full Art 3 (Steam Siege)
1x M Charizard Generations 3(Steam Siege)
1x M Gallade Full Art 2(Steam Siege)
1x M Aerodactyl 2(Steam Siege)
1x M Mewtwo FA Psychic Infinity 8/16(RoS/SS)
2x M Scizor EX 4/8 (RoS/SS)

1x Raichu Break 2(Steam Siege)
3x Golduck Break 2(Steam Siege) each
1x Luxray Break 2(Steam Siege)
3x Pyroar Break 2(Steam Siege) each
3x Marowak Break 2(Steam Siege) each

Rares and Staples (Reverse or Holo)
1x TalonFlame Gale Wings 1/3 (RoS/SS)
1x Entei Ancient Trait Holo 1(Steam Siege)
2x Entei Ancient Trait Reverse Holo 1(Steam Siege) each
1x Bronzong Metal Links 2(Steam Siege)
1x Kyurem Holo Frost Spear 1/3(Ros/SS)
2x Garbodor Holo Standard 1/3(Ros/SS) each
1x Garbodor Reverse Holo 1/3(RoS/SS)
2x Gallade Holo 3(Steam Siege) each
2x Octillery Holo 6(Steam Siege) each
2x Charizard SR 5/10 (Ros/SS) each
3x Magnezone Magnetic Circuit 1/3(RoS/SS) each
13x Masquerain Tool Reversal 2(Steam Siege) each
2x Baby Mew Memories of Dawn 3(Steam Siege) each
3x Raichu Circle Circuit XY Base Set 1(Steam Siege) each
10x Raichu Circle Circuit Generations 1(Steam Siege) each
1x Swampert Ancient Trait 2(Steam Siege)
2x Sigilyph Holo Toolbox 3(Steam Siege) each
2x Xerneas Reverse Holo Rainbow Force 3(Steam Siege) each
3x Xerneas Holo Geomancy Steam Siege 1(Steam Siege) each
2x Xerneas Reverse Holo Geomancy XY Base Set 1(Steam Siege) each
1x Yveltal Oblivion Wing XY Base Set 1(Steam Siege)
4x Yveltal Holo Fright Night 3(Steam Siege) each
2x Battle Compressor 1(Steam Siege) each
2x VS Seeker 2(Steam Siege) each
2x Dimension Valley Reverse 2(Steam Siege) each
3x Ghetsis Holo 3(Steam Siege) each
4x N Fates Collide (Non Holo) 2(Steam Siege)
4x N Noble Victories (Non Holo) 2(Steam Siege)
4x Trainers Mail (Reverse) 1(Steam Siege) each
6x Trainers Mail (Non Holo) 1(Steam Siege) per 2x

Leave your Offers No Super Low Ball Please and also I may accept Breakthrough packs too :) Thanks for Viewing

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