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Lookin for Packs


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would love to exchange some of my cards for packs

u are welcome to leave here a comment of ur wants and ign so we can talk through the game

or talk to me directly in the game

my ign:icecereamchoco




1 FA Altria ex  2packs each

2 RA Altria ex 1pack each

4 FA Flarion ex 5 packs for 2

3 RA Flarion ex 2packs each or all for 4

1 FA Gardevoir ex (primal clash) 2 packs 

2 FA SR Gardevoir ex(steam siege) 3packs each

2 FA Gardevoir ex(steam siege) 2 packs each

3 FA Kyogre ex 3packs each

3 FA Primal Kyogre ex(primal clash) 3packs each

2 FA M Gardevoir ex(steam siege)  3 packs each

3 FA Rayquaza ex 5packs each

2 RA Rayquaza ex (colorless) 2packs each



Steam Siege packs and Roaring skies packs

consider steam siege as 1 pack and roaring skies as 1.5


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3 fa flareon 3 ra flareon for 10 ao and 1 fa gardevoir for another 3 ao

as ive been saying lookin for steam siege or roaring skies

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