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So I've been looking into the new Evolutions Pokemon, and one of the major selling points for me has been the Electrode. KO itself to attach to a Pokemon to provide 2 L energy. This made me think of Raichu Break instantly, drop 1 L from hand, KO Electrode, and Zap something into a KO. This thing may have a huge up on Mega Pokes this season too. Run some Klefki to block them for a turn, use Thunderclap Shot to spread some early damage to EXs, and start making the 1 for 2 trades in KOs. With no hugely prominent fighting types atm, it's got no fear of weakness damage. Not that it was very bulky to begin with. So here's the list:



4-4 Raichu BT (Thunderclap Shot)

3 Raichu Break

4-4 Electrode (Evolutions)

3 Klefki



3 Sycamore

2 N

2 Lysandre

1 Ranger

1 Hex Maniac

1 Karen


4 VS Seeker

4 Puzzle of Time

3 Trainer's Mail

3 Level Ball

2 Super Rod

2 Parallel City

2 Evosoda



6 Lightning Energy



With the access to essentially double attachment, Raichu Break can easily be powered up quickly. You will always come out ahead or equal on trades so long as you don't get behind, and since most things require 2 turns to power up these days (unless they run extreme energy acceleration in the form of Max Elixir/Mega Turbo) you should be fine. 50 + 170 is 220 so that's a good number to be hitting, falling short of KOing Mega Steelix only. I tech'd in 2 Evosoda's for a playtest purpose, as some of my games found me starved for a RaiBreak. (Not Searchable by Level ball but everything else is so meh). Give me some feedback, I've been looking for a non EX reliant deck for a while so I hope this might be a good start (short of Greninja)

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There is a rule on the forums against posting on threads more than 2 weeks old. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but in future, check the date before posting on old threads.

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