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One thing i dont get. In this expasion, an few pokemons are missing in Internacional version Black and White, like the pokemons (Japaneses names): Sewaddle (and evolutions); Cottonee /Whimsicott; Cubchoo /Beartic; Emolga; Woobat /Swoobat; Gothita (and evolutions); Roggenrola (and evolutions); Drilbur /Excadrill; Tornadus - (Black Version -19 pokemons) /// Sigilyph; Ferroseed /Ferrothorn; Rufflet /Braviary; Thundurus (White version -6 pokemons). Also the Itens cards: Crush Hammer; Max Restor; Recycle (Black version - 3 cards); /// Great Ball; Pokemon Catcher (White version - 2 cards). Total: 30 cards.




The Red expasion (Japan 15 July) will bring the rest of Black and White pokemons (like Conkeldurr tounge_smile.png</sub>




Note: Sorry teeth_smile.png names in english


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