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Bench Locks Up / Vs Errors


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Just recently played a match that I was about to win, but when I went to ***** Pokémon on the bench, and withdrew it at the last second, my game froze up. The bench was highlighted green, I could use all other functions of the game (chat, settings, etc.), but could not play cards or attack. Has anyone else had this problem? It's quite annoying.


I've also experienced an error where the retreat pop up to show what energy is selected stays on screen if you don't process the action fast enough and the game nds your turn. This is also annoying as the Thames removes the energy you selected from your Pokémon, keeps it in play, and leaves he energy hanging on the left side of the screen (only disappeared randomly after a couple turns). Not sure what caused this either but it was annoying that the game stops me from retreating but still eats the energy retreat cost.

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