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FT: Shaymin-EX RA RS


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FT:Shaymin-ex RA Rs


i am look for all this cards below:

2 flareonex GEN 

4 volcanionex SS

3volcanion SS

3 fighting fury belt PB

1 octillary BT

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Hey there.  I'm willing, and could easily do this trade if you need it quickly. ...as I'm sure others could too.


But I would recommend that you "sell" your Shaymin-EX in Public Offers for Steam Siege packs.  Then "buy" these cards, and you'll have quite a few packs left over.


Doing just a rough calculation, these cards would cost you about 24-28 packs to get.  You should easily get 44-45 (or so) packs by selling your Shaymin-EX first.


Please, look me up in a PM here, or in-game, if you need further info, okay.

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I'm willing to trade fair amount of packs for that Shay. Or a mixture of your wants plus packs, I could do that to. PM me in game or add me as friend if you want to trade. Thanks a lot.

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