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Client: #1157


While working on a personal project, to find out what the official abbreviations were for the various expansions, I ran across a bug.


I added cards from each expansion to a new deck, and couldn't use the EXPORT DECK tool while looking at the deck.  When I tried printing it, it said it couldn't with over 40 unique cards in it.  I guess that has to do with the format of the form that printing it uses.  Figured that might also be why it wouldn't copy the deck list to the clipboard.


So I figured I would remove the cards from the trainer kits, and make a separate deck with them.  Trying to create a deck list for the deck with cards from each trainer kit, is when I realized there is a bug in the EXPORT DECK process.


Through a lot of trial and error, this is what I determined.  Export Deck, will not work if there is ANY card in the deck from either Trainer Kit - Suicune or Trainer Kit - Pikachu Libre.


I did not do a complete, exhaustive testing of each separate card from these 2 Trainer Kits.  I did test several different cards, individually.


Steps to Reproduce: Just take any deck that you can save the deck list from, edit it.  Replace any one card with any card from either of those two trainer kits.  Save it, and view it, and attempt to EXPORT DECK.  It will not tell you that a deck list has been copied to your clipboard.  It will not have changed whatever you last copied to your clipboard.


I've also read in other threads in the forums, that the deck lists generated by the game also sometimes leave out, or censor, some cards.  I suspect you are aware of it already.  I can't give you any specific examples, just thought I would mention it.  If you are working on revamping the Deck Listing programming, make sure it addresses these two Trainer Kits as well.

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Thanks for reporting this bug. We've been able to reproduce it with the steps provided and have added it to the known issues list.

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