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Robo Substitute Team Flare Gear crashes game when knocked out and replaced with Donphan


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Server Version:
Card: Robo Substitute Team Flare Gear and Donphan
Card Number: Phantom Forces #102 and Plasma Storm #72
Expected Action: Opponent attacks and knocks out the substitute. I am given the option to select a new active pokemon. I choose a Donphan on my bench.
Actual Action: Donphan glitches into the active pokemon space, often without the substitute leaving. The timers both stop and no further actions can be taken. I have to close the game.
Steps to Reproduce: Have an opponent knock out a Robo Substitute and attempt to make a benched Donphan your active pokemon.


This has occured about 4 times since the last update. I do not recall the exact state of each Donphan, but I think they may have each had a basic fighting energy and muscle band attached. I don't think choosing a pokemon other than Donphan to be the active pokemon in the same situation crashes it.


Thank you for your time.

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