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game wont start. it starts, but stucks on 8% and closes again.


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Since that update a few days ago, I can't login into the game.

I already uninstalled it, re-downloaded it from the website again, removed all folders in appdata roaming etc, installed the game again, the update went fine, BUT I can't login!

This happens: I input username and p-a- ss word, and the game starts, but it stucks at 8%, then after like 20 seconds it closes itself, and an error message appears "could not reach pokemon server, please try again in a minute" I've been trying to login over and over, for like 3 days, and I can't login!

Please help!

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One thing to know is that the game needs certain network ports to be open to communicate with the authentication server and the game servers.  It sounds like the ports needed to talk to the auth server to sign you in are not open.


Take a look at http://support.pokemon.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=1306and verify that you don't have a firewall, router or ISP that is blocking.


Also, you might try playing on a different internet connection (for example, taking a laptop or tablet to a friends house or other internet) to compare.  If you can play on a different connection, then that would indicate there is an issue with your current connection.

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