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New theme decks - feedback


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I just wanted to give a quick feedback on the new theme decks.


At first I was a bit worried that new players can't get the old starter theme decks anymore, like when you try to get friends into the game, telling them they can get the best theme decks around for free.

The old XY basic blue and basic green are (or were) the uncontested runner-ups in the theme deck format.


When looking over the new starter theme decks, I was a bit disappointed at first;

way to many energies and basics and the lack of essential trainer cards made them rather weak-looking at first.


But I took some time, went ahead and unlocked them for pvp.


My first game with the new basic red deck, I ran into 2x old blue starter deck and 1x old green starter deck, and despite beeing matched vs type weakness 2 times, I dominated all games and won the tournament straightout.


The new red deck, despite having a bit to many basics and energies for my taste, offers a wide variety of strategies;

-an aggressive approach with Persian and Rapidash for 60/70 damage turn 2

-a more stall/ramp based approach that utilizes Snorlax and Motlress for their 4 energy costing nukes

-a midrange strategy using Ninetales and Arcanine for 70-90 damage turn 3


And somehow, even the basics are not just worthless cannonfodder.

Meowth can draw you a card and Vulpix can roar away their active pokemon.

Quite some unexpeted utility that comes in handy when you need it.


Weakness Policy does the trick against water decks (that usually dominate the the deck tier). However, 1 more would be great to have. When it get's prized, that's pretty meh.


Some Sycamores really speed up the card draw. And it got a Lysandre.

The exp-shares help getting ramped up.

And to top it off, the Burning Energies really help keeping up the pressure with Arcanine and Rapidash, fixing the discard energy downside.


As weak as it might have looked at first glance, this deck is really good when you can play it.


You can really see the difference between a deck that Amigo/Hasbro/Whoever creates and a deck that the developers create. That's why the old xy starter decks are so good- because there is no random bulk that doesn't belong in the deck, unlike the marketed decks.


My only critical point would be the lack of healing/switch cards.

You should take out 1 basic fire energy and take out the Fresh Water Set, and therefore put in 1 more Weakness Policy and either 1 Switch or 1 Pokémon Center Lady.


Else, I feel the deck is quite balanced, and can perform very well if you know how to play it.

So far, good job with the red deck, I'll review the other 2 new starter theme decks soon.

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I've only unlocked the new thunder deck so far (trainer challenge is mad boring so I only did 1) and I was impressed. I think it's a good theme deck that has some nice options and while it doesn't have a strong stage 2 line like a lot of theme decks, it does have some nice stage 1s which can set up faster and hit decently hard. There are no broken evo lines. You've got 2 zapdos who can hit for 120 (ouch... for both your opponent and your bench but all you have to do is set up some pokes to soak up the damage ********** going to be primary attackers, potions are provided too to heal the bench). You've then got 2 electrodes who can set up early with energy bomb (energy bomb gives you the option to give all the energy to a bench pokemon when you attack) Surprisingly useful skill. Then you have 2 fearow (who can knock energy off with a flip) and a kangaskhan who can hit for 100, both of whom are very serviceable especially with the 2 double energies in this deck. Then there's the raticate who adds an interesting wrinkle with dirty shock.

Using sky field and the plentiful number of pokes in theme decks you can boost your circle circuit to up to 160, unfortunately there's only 1 sky field but thankfully you have 2 shauna, 2 tierno, 2 lucky helmet, 1 acro bike for drawing cards to hopefully get it out. This decks attackers, with the exception of raticate with 70 hp all have 90-120 HP but they all have some decent offense and with sky field out your 2 raichus are your best attacker.

It's certainly much better than the previous thunder deck by a few miles.

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