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help and opinions on this metal/ground deck


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ok so i just wanted some help and opinions on this deck.. Also please if you have any other ideas about the best decks and best standard set ups please add that too.



 1 Cobalion-the one with quick gaurd and revenge blast

1 gible, 

1 gabite

1 garchomp-breakpoint 70/122

1 solrock with the special energy move called solar generator

1 jirachi-with the doom desire 

1 carbink-the safegaurd against ex

1 aggron-ex-93/162 one with raging hammer

1 M aggron-ex

1 registeel- the one that takes off a energy of ex

1 scizor-ex

1 M scizor-ex

1 steelix-ex

1 M steelix-ex

1 magearna-ex



3 professors letter

2 energy retrieval

1 special charge

1 super rod

3 trainers mail

3 evosoda

2 vs seeker

2 lysandre

1 shuana

1 steven

1 pokemon center lady

1 skyla

1 flare team grunt

2 pokemon fan club

1 steelix spirit link

1 scizor spirit link

1 fighting fury belt

3 weakness policy



4 special energy

1 shield energy

3 fighting/ground type energy

7 metal energy


and again this is all standard deck and again if you have any other suggestions of what other decks that you find do amazing please share... Thanks for the help and suggestions!




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Hmm, I guess I should tell you some deckbuilding 101 tips first.


> I think you might be trying to use the cards you have, which is logic, but you should rarely ever use only 1 copy of a pokemon on a deck (with a few exceptions). This is because you have a limited deck space and you're spreading too much of it on different cards that don't necesarily synergize. That aside, there is also a low chance that any given pokemon will be in your staring hand as well as a high chance of them being prized.


So, for example, that deck would be stronger if you took away the steel types (something where the TCG usually differs from the console games is that here monotype teams are usually better [note: usually]) and instead focused on your Garchomp line and the Carbink line. With those two together you could have a very strong anti-EX deck, which is really good for begginers. Of course, you'd also need to increase the number of copies of each. I used to run a Garchomp deck a while ago and I run 4 Gibble and 4 Garchomp with 4 Rare Candy because I'm a greedlord and I didn't want to include the mid stage xd but you could run something like 3-2-3 with 3 or 4 rare candies and that'd be good. Sadly Korrina rotated which really helped fighting decks a ton, but I think Garchomp is still good. Carbink really shines when you have the BREAK evolution, but if you don't that's ok.


For fighting supports (not sure if people use it since I haven't seen it a whole lot lately) you can use Regirock EX, which boosts all of your fighting type pokemon's damage by 10, and it stacks with multiple regirocks.



If you wanted to focus on the steel pokemon, I think that Scizor is the better of your EX attackers. Steelex EX can work can definetly work but you'd need Clawitzer and Double Colorless Energies to charge it, because 5 energies is a ton. I don't know much of steel decks so there isn't much I can tell you about it.


> For your trainers, you always want to run stadium cards. This is because not only do they benefit you, but you also need to deny you opponent the chance to have his own stadium up. For fighting decks you could use Scorched Earth, for steel decks I don't know. You can also always run disruption stadiums like Silent Lab.


For consistency, you might want to run more draw/reshuffle/discard cards like Tierno, N or Sycamore. Personally I like running 4 Sycamore and 4 N, but that may be overkill. Only 1 is definetly too little though.



Hmm, not sure what else too say. I'm a bit outdated on what works and what doesn't in the current Standard format, but I'm sure that the other guys here can give you better advise.

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In addition to the great reply before, and at the expense of being repetitive a bit (sorry), I leave one of the most common posts I use to reply on decks with so much 1 single copies. Starting it's hard to have a lot of cards and the budget or owned cards limit the possibility of our decks. Anyway, to make work almost any deck or even being competitive, here are some tips:


If you need anything to make your deck works, add enough. If you need a Max Elixir, a Spirit link, a Stadium or a Pokémon, don't add just one, if prized you're lost.


Any tier 1 deck use to have 9-16 pokémon, 28-36 trainers, 7-14 energies (and sometimes only 4!). Trainers are the core of a deck, what makes it work fast and strong. The 20-20-20 ratio that comes with the Theme decks are just bad for competitive decks so you are in the right way in this case :)


Only 2 types (3 if you have colourless attacks/pokémon added) use to be used. It's hard to manage more than that and also would require more space for energies, loosing space for another important things. Again, well done.


Your main attacker quantity/line must be consistent. Add 3 or 4 of them or a powerful line 3-3, 4-4, 4-3 sometimes... if Stage 2 /Break would be 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 4-4-3, but always consider the Rare candies, your goal is the higher stage so jumping over the middle ones use to be good and you can go for 3-1-3, 4-2-4 with one or two rare candies. Pyramid lines (3-2-1, 4-2-1, 4-3-2...) as the ones in the Theme decks are bad because lack of consistency.


Use the right amount of "Support pokémon", the ones that makes your attacker better for the deck to run. That means not 1-1 lines (if prized...) but neither 3-3-3 (too much space) The 2-2 or 2-1-2 use to be enough. Also, when you have more than one evolution line it's difficult to set up everything and also do it fast. Use to be hard and slow to play so maybe you may choose which line of supporting pokémon is better.


Remember the stadiums.They help yourself while counter the opponent's. Having 4 stadiums use to make you win the territory battle but, what if not space enough? I would recommend at least 3 but if no space or more important things are needed, try to play 2. Also the Spirit links are compulsory if you if you run Megas. You can't afford loosing a turn just evolving in the competitive fast game.


Pokémon drawing engines (those are support pokémon) are perfect if item locked (that awesome rotated Trevenant or now Vileplume) and gives you a lot of speed and consistency if not. There are two big choices, first, the expensive Shaymin EX (when you play it you can draw up to having 6 cards in hand). The second one is Remoraid-Octillery (draws up to having 5 cards in your hand). Octillery it's perfect for non EX decks and don't need to be water decks and in addition can be searched win Dive balls directly. It's just used as drawing support, not for attacking (Caution, Float stone/Switch is recommended for if Lysandred).


There are also "Techs". Those would be pokémon like Hoopa EX (you can search for up to 3 pokémon EX in your drawing pile) or Magearna EX (denies all side effects of attacks but damage on pokémon with Steel energy attached), That can be 1 in the deck as Shaymins use to be included and if Techs are priced, still Shaymins can be used and the deck works almost perfect, just loosing some additional properties.


The Theme decks help you! Theme decks are good to make grow your collection and also to get some important cards for building custom decks. Some of them are great to to focus on building certain decks (like Greninja BREAK deck from Wave Slasher for example or the new Volcanion Theme for the Volcanion-VolcanionEX deck) because you can get a lot of trainers and support pokémon from there. Also stadiums and some interesting pokémon as Lugia, Xerneas, Froakie-Frogadier... 500 coins in the shop it's a good business. Take a look at what they contain before to obtain it to go for what you need. For other cards like powerful EX and BREAK you will need to go to Trades in game and change for the exactly cards you look for, with other cards or what it's easier, packs.


The trainers are the engine of the deck. What make it move on. That's why it's the high number of cards (again points for you!)


Basically, the staple trainers for any deck are:


3-4 Sycamore > Nothing is more powerful than a 7 cards new hand. If budget, play Birch or Shauna.
3-4 N > 6 cards at the beginning, disrupting if you loosing or you know what your opponent will play because he/she have it in hand from the previous turn. Save you from decking out in late game.
4 Ultra Ball > Look for any pokémon
Level ball > Direct look for any up to 90HP pokémon, sometimes 1 or 2 for support pokémon
4 Vs Seeker > Choose a Supporter from your discard and put it in your hand.
2 Lysandre > Aim to any benched pokémon and put in as active


There are a lot more like Skyla (sometimes one is played to look for items/stadiums), Dive balls for Water decks (look for any water pokémon), Trainers' mail (look at the 1st four card of your pile and choose a Trainer card)... and others like Max potion, Bursting balloon, Fighting Fury Belt, Float stone, Max elixir, that will depend on the deck. Pokémon Ranger become quite useful with the last rotation and 1 use to be added to most decks. Don't forget Hex Maniac, with the supremacy of Garbodor, use to be also a must.


Energies are the least. 8-14 as much in general. If all the previous staple supporters are there, you should be able to get 1 energy per turn and also, to get almost any needed card (pokémon, stadium, item...) in the desired moment.


Hope anything from this brainstorm it's useful a bit

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I second Chasista's advise. It covers everything you need to make a competitive deck. (It's not repetitive btw xd it's very in-depth and I'm sure that it will be very helpful for OP).

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Thanks a lot for the advice...problem is i am still getting to the point where i have some of those cards that pull energies, pokemon, and cards ***. shaymin, octillery, hoopa). And also I dont have lots of the repeats of the ex or other lines to get lines like 3-3-3 or even 2-2-2. But what your guys are telling me is my goal so it might be a bit till i get there.....sorry i have so many questions but 1. chasista used the phrase "used to" a lot, is this refering to the standard deck change in rules and cards that are allowed? and 2. more importantly what would you guys suggest to me when I am at that stage where i can't get lots of these line ups you are talking about, and building decks that win in tournaments?

Thanks again for the help

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I had everything wrote and suddenly disappeared so, in short (sorry):


I write Use to because nothing is set in stone. It's what use to be done but can be changed (and should) according to the available cards, the play-style of each of us and the practice. And I mean what you miss in the deck while playing and what you have to remove to make the spot. Will be your deck at the end.


About how to get cards, another long matter but to be fast, I know it's boring but, play Theme.


Play Theme tournaments to get unlocked standard packs as prize, and get some EX/BREAK (and any other) cards in trades later. Take care in trades, always check the prizes in advance and if something seems too good, check twice.


Play the trainers challenge (against the AI) to get locked packs. You get a pack for every 4 stars trainer, and in the previous stars, some coins. You get 3 packs for every complete League. at the end all together around 45 packs.


Still in Trainers challenge, win 12 with any from-the-shop Theme deck to get a pack related to the set of the deck. Also get 7 wins with the Basic decks given to you to make it available to be played in Vs and Events.


The Vs ladder gives you nice rewards too. It's quite hard to complete 2000 points but even half-way you'll get a pair of EX, other full evolution lines, some coins and of course some packs.

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Hey don't worry about it, that's what the forum is for, so feel free to ask as many questions as you need.


{nvm my furst anwer im edditing that xd apparently I have no reading comprehension skills at this time of the day}


For now I wouldn't bother with Octillerys and Shaymins. When you have enough spare packs to buy one, you might get away with running a 2-1 Octillery line. I think it's a bit risky, but I've seen some people do it and it seems to work.


Shaymin is a no-no untill you've got pretty much everything else you need since they cost like 23 packs (haven't price checked in a while so give or take a few packs). Sad story, one of the first packs I ever opened had a Shaymin, and I gave it away in the public trade for like 15 packs, which I proceded to open and get absolutely nothing xd rip me. Well anyways...


What is always recomendable for people who are starting is to build a budget deck. I used to recomend night march because its core was inexpensive and the deck was extremely efficient, but now it rotated and even if it didn't a certain supporter named Karen singlehandedly burried NM. Not sure which budget decks are good in the current meta, so I'll need Chasista or someone else to answer that one. In the meantime you could look videos in Yoo Tube (pardon the wonky spelling, stupid censoring xd)bout budget decks, and I'm sure you'll find some good ones.

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