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electic based deck


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Looking to make a mono electic or electic based deck. I am new to the newer pokemon cards.




Any suggested cards would be a great help - incliding colourless etc! Thanks!


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A good Lightning/Colorless deck is Lanturn Prime + Cincinno (Do The Wave: 20x number of your Benched Pokemon). You also might tech in Magnezone Prime (Poke-Power: Once per turn draw until you have 6 cards in your hand) and Electrode Prime (Poke-Power: This Pokemon is knocked out; look at the top 7 cards of your deck and attach any energy there to your Pokemon any way you like). If you use Electrode, you might also want Twins (Supporter: If you have more prizes than your opponent, search for any two cards in your deck).


The Lanturn Prime has a Poke-Power that temporarily makes it water-type, and and attack that is 30+10 for each lighting energy on your side of the field. This makes for a fantastic Yanmega/Donphan counter, as it's a one-hit-KO for both of them.


You'll want to use 4 Double Colorless Energy in this deck, since Lanturn needs 1 Electric 2 Colorless to attack and Cincinno needs two Colorless. This speeds up your deck a lot.


As with any deck, you'll want to use Professor Oak's New Theory (Supporter: Shuffle your hand into your deck. Draw 6 cards), Pokemon Communications: (Item: Trade one Pokemon in your hand for one in your deck), and Pokemon Collector (Supporter: Search for three Basic Pokemon).


Hope that helps!


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