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[GAME] Deck Manager, Tournaments results of 2nd and 3rd round matches in Theme Tournament are not showing in deck stats

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Client: #1157

I've been watching the deck stats for a new theme deck I'm using. I keep a brief text log of my versus matches and tournament matches. Before starting a tournament yesterday, or perhaps very early today, the deck stats showed 14 wins and 21 total games played. I played in a theme deck tournament with this deck, and won it. Looked at the stats for the deck a little while ago, before entering another tournament. Instead of the expected stats of 17 wins and 24 games played, it only showed 15 wins out of 22 games.

I entered a tournament, and again was lucky enough to win it. This time I checked after each match, and it gave me credit for the results of the round 1 match. The results of the 2nd and 3rd round games did not show up.

Then I entered another tournament, again the deck stats gave credit for the win in Round 1, then I lost in the 2nd round, and that result didn't show up in the deck's stats.

The deck stats I'm talking about, are the ones that show up when you have a deck selected in the Deck Manager.

Steps to Reproduce: 

This should be quite simple to reproduce, you just need to watch the deck stats of a deck before starting a tournament, and win in the first round. Then you should see that 2nd and 3rd round matches aren't being tallied in the win/loss/games played stats for that deck. You might want to confirm whether or not this is only happening to 2nd and 3rd round results of JUST the theme tournaments, or if it is happening in all types of tournaments.

Any fellow players, or trainers I should say, who read this might reply if they look into this and enter some different tournaments, and report whether it happens in all tournaments or not.

Thanks for helping keep the game running smoothly, and helping it be such a fun game!


P.S.  It has occurred to me since I first reported this, that the 2nd and 3rd round games might also not be tracked for the Total Games Played stat for players.  When I have time, I'll look into that, and add my observations here.


I'm a bit disappointed not to have gotten any acknowledgement that moderators have even read this.  I already got a nice response to a bug I reported here last night.

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