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User basic_black bug exploit


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Hello. I would like to report a user who uses a bug for his own benefit.
He has a deck with the card named "wailord ex" inside.
this pokemon has the ability to remove special conditions when you attach an energy on this.
Though, he has 0 energy cards on deck and when you place a tool on this pokemon it "autoheals" 60 / turn.
So the user basic_black placed a "hard charm" on the pokemon and every round his wailord-ex healed 60 damage without having any other pokemon with ability to heal, or trainer cards.
So i am reporting a player for bug ***** and a bug report on the card named "wailord-ex"

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You arent't allowed to put up another player's name in the forum when accusing them of breaking one of the PTCGOs rules. If you wish to report him, do so privately through a support ticket.


With regards to the healing, it might be a bug but you'd have to describe the situation in greater detail. I'm guessing he had Rough Seas in the field (all Wailord stall decks use it), but that only accounts for 30hp. Are you sure he wasn't using a healing item as well like max potions? If not, if you could give more details or provide a game log it'd be easier to find the source of the bug.

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