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[GAME] Versus Mode - Being defeated because opponent couldn't load game data fast enough


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Client: 1152


At the beginning of a recent Versus Theme match, after the intro screen, when the playmat came up, the notification "Please wait for your opponent to load the game" came up, then after a minute or so... DEFEAT!


The recap of the game said I had lost because I had run out of time.


I'm guessing it must have been my turn to call the coin toss to see who goes first.  Though the coin and choice of Heads or Tails never was displayed.


This has happened once or twice in the past, in other builds, so hopefully it is a known issue.  It doesn't show up in the list for known bugs for the latest build, though.


My biggest concern about this happening, is that it seems like something that a sneaky unscrupulous player might intentionally take advantage of, as an exploit.


If a player hasn't downloaded the entire Card Cache, and could intentionally control the bandwidth the game is allowed to use, they could cause it to take so long to download data for each match, that it caused whichever player was to call the coin toss to lose.  If so, they would win half the games without ever playing a match.  I figure if done right, they might play 30 to 40 games per hour this way.  For this reason, the programmers should change it so the time-out timer doesn't start until both players have loaded the game data.  Also, if unable to download the game data within a few minutes, the player with poor connection should be assigned the loss.

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