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Talon Toolbox


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3 x Talonflame break

4 x Talonflame

4 x Fletchinder

4 x Fletchling

1 x Miltank



1 x crushing hammer

1 x enhanced hammer

4 x professor's letter

1 x red card

1 x startling megaphone

1 x super rod

2 x vs seeker

1 x blacksmith

1 x delinquent

1 x Lysandre

1 x pokemon center lady

1 x team flare grunt

1 x Wally

4 x Win ona

1 x Xerosic

1 x scorched earth

1 x silent lab

1 x hypnotoxic laser

1 x hex maniac

1 x evosoda

1 x rare candy



4 x burning energy

12 x fire energy

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Try cutting down on the number of Fletchling and Fletchinder. Fletchling because then you can use Gale Wings more often, and Fletchinder because then you can just use several Rare Candies instead. I would recommend a 3-1-4-3 line. There does seem to be a lot of random cards thrown in. I would cut back on some to increase the amount of other you have available. This will make your deck much more consistent. Other than that, it looks like a good deck. Try adding more VS Seekers if you can get them.

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Thanks for the tips man but ive tried a similarly line up to that and it works better with 4-4-4 because of W inona you can cycle thru the deck pretty easy and get a Talonflame out fast if you didnt draw it at set up. Also the random cards are the toolbox part of the deck. You use Talonflames search attack the get the cards u need to beat almost any deck type. The trainers are changeable im still trying to figure out the best trainers for all situations. Thanks again for the comment I hope people will try out this deck its really fun and great at controlling the game.

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You would still want Rare Candy though. It is much faster than evolving all the way to Stage 2 1 by 1. Although Winnoa does help in that respect, instead of getting talonflame, Fletchinder, and a Fletchling, you can just get talonflame and 2 Fletchling before Aero Blitz-ing for a Rare Candy or 2. It is much quicker, especially if you insist on running 4 Fletchling. Otherwise you will just be left with a single lone Fletchling up front, and it will be KOed before you have time to evolve it twice. And cutting out the Fletchinder makes room for Rare Candies.

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