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Canned vs custom messages


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So I see that there's been a change in the patch notes that suggests we can no longer have real conversations with random vs match ups. Am I understanding that correctly? If so - how do people feel about this?


For me a lot of the pleasure of the game is running into random people, and I have personally made a few friends that way. Having to use such a limited group of canned messages means that many of the conversations in which I have traded descriptions of our respective countries, or gushed about pets or commiserated about dead hands or you know, gave any indication that two actual humans were actually interacting with each other, are now impossible.


Sure it eliminates the occasional sore loser's ability to say ugly things - which I think is pretty adequately addressed by the censoring - much though it's not my favorite, I do get the need for it - but it also eliminates the whole social aspect of the card game, which is a big draw for a lot of players.


Not to mention the time and effort it takes to find the appropriate canned response in the middle of a game. I think in practice it's going to mean mostly silent matches from here on in.


So I'm clearly not a fan, but what do others think? Do you use the canned messages? Do you prefer them?

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The first time I read their 2.39 update speech I was boggled as to why they would do that. I honestly dont understand at all why canning the chat needed to be implemented over other controversial topics that, in my opinion, have a higher importance than canning the chat. I have never seen one topic on the forums recommending the chat to be canned so I'm clueless why it was introduced.

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