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2.39 Patch Notes | September 26, 2016


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  • Guest accounts now have their game progress saved across multiple sessions.
  • Three new theme decks are unlocked on login for new and returning players: Born of Fire, Hidden Depths, and Crushing Current! Win 7 Trainer Challenge matches with each deck to unlock that deck for use in Versus Mode and Events!
  • The XY: Basic Green, XY: Basic Red, and XY: Basic Blue theme decks are no longer available to new players.


  • Updated the decks and dialog used throughout the tutorial.
  • The XY: Basic Yellow theme deck is no longer unlocked after completing the tutorial. This deck is no longer available to players who did not complete the tutorial prior to this game update.


  • New chat interface added for Versus Mode and Event matches. Players can send canned chat messages and emoticons by clicking on their own avatar portrait. Players can also hide chat bubbles generated by their opponent’s messages by clicking on the opponent’s avatar portrait.
  • Custom chat messages can no longer be sent or received during Versus Mode and Event matches.
  • The single Trainer Token Expert Matchmaking Reward for completing a Versus Mode match has been removed. Other Trainer Token rewards for Versus Mode matches remain unaffected by this change.


  • New Energy-themed deck boxes have replaced the default, 2-tone deck boxes available for custom decks.
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  • Aegislash (BKP #62): The proper animation now plays when the Painful Sword attack is used while there are no damage counters on any of the opponent's Pokémon.
  • Ampharos (STS #40): The Shocking Light Ability should not longer generate a selection prompt when only one valid selection is available.
  • Bent Spoon (FCO #93): The effect of this card should now only apply to effects of the opponent's attacks, except damage, done to the Pokémon this card is attached to.
  • Bursting Balloon (BKP #97): The effect of this card is no longer treated as the effect of an attack.
  • Carbink (FCO #50): The Safeguard Ability now properly applies only to effects of attacks, including damage, done to Carbink by the opponent's Pokémon-EX.
  • Clawitzer BREAK (STS #35): The Delta Plus Ancient Trait now functions properly when a Pokémon affected by the Lock-On attack on the previous turn is Knocked Out.
  • Eevee (FFI #80): Using the Energy Evolution Ability no longer causes the game to softlock when the opponent's Electromagnetic Wall Ability (Ampharos, DRX #40) activates.
  • Exp. Share (PRC #128): Pokémon that can have multiple Pokémon Tool cards attached now properly gain the benefit of each attached Exp. Share.
  • Golurk (AOR #35): Ancient Trait Theta Stop now properly prevents the Garbotoxin Ability (Garbodor, BKP #57) from affecting Golurk.
  • Greedy Dice (STS #102): The proper animation now plays when Greedy Dice is drawn as a facedown Prize card.
  • Grumpig (FCO #31): Damage counters from the Head Walking attack are now placed on the proper Pokémon.
  • Hypno (FFI #36): The Hand Control attack should now consistently provide the attacking player with the appropriate amount of information based on the Supporter card selected.
  • Jirachi (ROS #42): The proper animation now plays for the Doom Desire attack.
  • Klefki (STS #80): The Wonder Lock Ability should no longer be affected by the effect of the Quaking Punch attack (Seismitoad (FFI #20, #106).
  • Lucky Helmet (AOR #77): The effect of this card is no longer treated as the an effect of an attack.
  • Lugia (FCO #78): The Theta Stop Ancient Trait now properly prevents the effects of the Pressure Ability.
  • M Altaria-EX (FCO #69, #121): The Mist Purge attack is now properly affected by damage boosting effects while no Special Energy cards are attached.
  • Machamp (FFI #46): The negative status marker placed on the Defending by the Machamp Crush attack is now properly removed when the affected Pokémon is no longer the Active Pokémon.
  • Magearna-EX (STS #75, #110): The Mystic Heart Ability should now consistently only prevent effects of opponent's attacks, except damage, done to each of Magearna's owner's Pokémon that has any {M} Energy attached to it.
  • Malamar-EX (PHF #58): The Theta Stop Ancient Trait now consistently prevents the effects of the Hyper Hypnosis Ability.
  • Ninja Boy (STS #103): Resolved a number of issues which prevented this card from functioning properly during gameplay. The temporary ban of this card has been lifted.
  • Palkia-EX (BKP #31): The (W) Energy symbol now properly appears in the prompt text for the Aqua Turbo attack.
  • Petilil (BKP #7): The proper animation now plays for the Aromatherapy attack.
  • Phantump (XY #54): The card chosen by the Astonish attack is now revealed to both players before being shuffled into the deck.
  • Pichu (HS #28): Pichu is now properly displayed as the source of the Playground attack.
  • Psyduck (TM #74): The proper animation now plays for the Tripping Headbutt attack.
  • Rocky Helmet (BCR #133): The effect of this card is no longer treated as the effect of an attack.
  • Serperior (FCO #7): The effect of the Coil attack now properly ends when Serperior is no longer the Active Pokémon.
  • Shaymin-EX (ROS #77, #106): If the Defending Pokémon is Knocked Out by the Sky Return attack, the attacking player now properly chooses a new Active Pokémon to replace Shaymin-EX before taking a Prize card.
  • Shiftry (STS #11): The Wicked Wind attack should now function properly while a Stadium card that affects Bench size is in play.
  • Sigilyph (PLB #41): The Toolbox Ability is now properly disabled when Sigilyph enters play while the Garbotoxin Ability is in effect.
  • Umbreon (PLF #64): The Dark Shade Ability now properly affects Pokémon that have had a Team Plasma Badge (PLF #104) attached after Umbreon has entered play.
  • Whimsicott (AOR #56): The effect of the Windy Mischief attack is no longer prevented by Wonder Energy (PRC #144).
  • Whiscash (PRC #40): The effect of the Amnesia attack is now consistently removed when the affected Pokémon is moved to the Bench
  • Wonder Energy (PRC #144): The Pokémon this card is attached to should no longer be affected by effects of an opponent's attacks which move Energy between two Pokémon.
  • Zoroark BREAK (BKT #92): The Foul Play attack should now function properly when copying the Volcanic Heat attack (Volcanion-EX, STS #26, #107, #115).


  • Accounts should no longer encounter a blank loading screen on login.
  • Cards from the XY—Steam Siege expansion should now appear properly in the Portuguese game client.
  • Improved error messaging when server connection is lost due to the account logging in from another device.

Gameplay: General

  • A number now only appears on the Burned Special Condition marker if an effect has increased the number of damage counters placed beyond the standard amount.
  • A second reminder popup will no longer appear when both Active Pokémon become affected by the same Special Condition simultaneously.
  • An extraneous scroll arrow no longer appears while a Pokémon has fewer than 4 status effect indicators.
  • Cards in a selection reveal window that cannot be selected are no longer displayed in random order.
  • Cards in the Lost Zone can now be zoomed more easily.
  • Cards in the selection window should now scroll properly when the mouse wheel is moved at any speed.
  • Damage counters placed by a retaliation Ability or effect are no longer being incorrectly processed as damage from an attack.
  • Effects of attacks on the Defending Pokémon now persist for the proper duration if the Pokémon that placed the effect is no longer the Active Pokémon.
  • Effects which cause the opponent's hand to be revealed no longer cause the opponent's card sleeves to appear as the default card back.
  • Improved the animation for Restored Pokémon that come into play from the deck due to the effect of a Trainer card.
  • Pokémon cards should no longer flicker briefly when played from the hand or discarded from play.
  • Quickly selecting and deselecting your Active Pokémon should no longer cause the game to softlock.
  • Rapidly double clicking on a Stadium card while it is coming into play should no longer cause the game to softlock.
  • Status effect indicators for cards in the hand should now display properly in all situations.
  • The coin flip animation now consistently plays at the same speed when a single action results in a large number of coin flips.
  • The discard pile can no longer be inspected while selecting Energy to discard for the retreat cost.
  • The Heads and Tails buttons no longer briefly appear after the opponent chooses which player goes first at the start of the match.
  • The hitbox for a face-up Prize card should now cover the entire card.
  • The inactivity timer now properly displays while a warning popup is present.
  • The Options menu can no longer be opened while a card is grabbed.
  • The Pokémon League logo is now properly displayed when zooming in on a League promo card or viewing it in the discard pile.
  • The private trade offer notification window no longer appears while a match is in progress.
  • The proper animation sequence now plays when a Pokémon uses a self-damaging attack that does no damage to the Defending Pokémon.
  • The selection reveal window now automatically scrolls to empty selection slots when more than 3 cards can be selected.
  • Trainer cards no longer turn facedown briefly when going to the discard pile from play.

Gameplay: Trainer Challenge

  • The opponent progress display now properly updates when selecting a different league.
  • The View Deck window for the Basic theme decks no longer shows all available coins, deck boxes and sleeves.

Cards: Collection

  • Avatar items can now be properly sorted by rarity.
  • Avatar items now appear correctly while loading in Tile View.
  • Items in the Packs tab now sort properly by Type in List View.
  • Reward Chests now sort properly be Set in List View.
  • Selecting a large number of expansions or attributes in the Filters window no longer causes the green selection checkmarks the stop appearing.
  • The default deck boxes no longer appear when Show Not Owned is selected while in the Packs tab.
  • The For Trade button now functions properly for items in the Gameplay and Avatar tabs.
  • The search bar now begins returning results as text is entered, rather than after hitting Enter.
  • The Team Flare Collection jacket now uses the proper image.
  • Zoom controls in the Packs, Gameplay, and Avatar tabs are now consistent in Carousel, Tile, and List view.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Dual-type Pokémon now properly appear in the Deck Wizard when either of their types is selected.
  • The button order in the Make Standard Deck feature is now consistent with other areas of the game.
  • The game client is now more responsive when editing a deck in Expanded View.
  • The New! tag is no longer displayed on unowned cards from an imported decklist.
  • Unowned cards in a deck are now identified in the Save Deck or View Deck popups.

Cards: Trading

  • The column separators should now remain consistently aligned across all tabs.
  • The default avatar items can no longer be requested in a trade offer.
  • The Energy-themed coins, sleeves, and deck boxes unlocked by earning XP from Daily Challenges can no longer be requested in a trade offer.
  • The Offers to Me tab now displays the proper messaging when no offers are present.
  • The Packs filter now includes a 7-Card Booster Pack option.


  • The Black Star Promo expansion symbol is now properly displayed in the Completed Sets section of the Collection Stats tab.


  • All emoticons should now appear properly in the chat window.
  • The Show dropdown menu in the Friends tab now displays properly in all game modes.
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