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My Raticate/Ariados Combo deck (with Vulpix for Burned ability)


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This is my current Expanded deck set-up in the game:



3 x Rattata (#104 BC)

3 x Raticate (#105 BC)

2 x Spinarrak (#5 AO)

2 x Ariados (#6 AO)

1 x Remoraid (#31 BREAK)

1 x Octillery (#33 BREAK)

1 x Vulpix (#18 DE)

1 x Ninetales (#19 DE)

1 x Spinda (#115 PC)



4 x Shauna

2 x Tierno

2 x Lysandre

2 x Wally

2 x Teammates

3 x Level Ball

2 x Escape Rope

2 x Switch

2 x Hard Charm

2 x Rescue Scarf

2 x Assault Vest

1 x Chaos Tower

1 x Super Rod

1 x Trick Coin

1 x Evosoda



4 x Double Colorless

4 x Grass

4 x Water

4 x Fire



1. Why Raticate and not Raticate BREAK?

It's simple - I haven't gotten Raticate BREAK yet.


2. Why Spinda?

I use Staggering Steps (equipped with Trick Coin to get a 2nd-chance flip in case it flips tails, AND Chaos Tower to prevent Spinda from getting itself confused) to force my opponent to risk getting a 30hp damage from flipping tails. And Uproar comes in handy to get rid of the last 10 HP.

I sometimes attach a Rescue Scarf to Spinda and deliberately give it away as a "freebie" KO in order to buy time in setting up the Raticate/Ariados combo. In case Spinda gets KO'd and I haven't gotten my combo set up yet, I return Spinda as Active for another "freebie" KO.


3. Why Vulpix and Ninetales?

Vulpix's Singe makes the opponent Pokemon Burned, which should take out the last 10 HP in case Ariados can't poison Grass pokemon. Yeah, that means relying on a coin-toss to take out the last HP, but a Burned condition is better than no special condition.

Ninetales, when evolved through the old-fashioned way and not through Wally or Evosoda, allows me use the Bright Look ability to snipe out the bulky EX Pokemon. And Hexed Flame gets a damage boost (+50 HP) for every special condition, which is deadly if I can get the opponent to be Poisoned, Burned, and Confused all at the same time.


4. Why Remoraid and Octillery?

Draw power. Nothing more.


5. Why no EX Pokemon?

I'm the kind of player who wants to win matches the "handicapped" way. Besides, I don't want my opponents to snag 2 Prize Cards instead of 1 for taking down my EX Pokemon. With that, no EX Pokemon on my deck.


6. Why so many Trainer cards?

I'm going to need all the help I can get. I need card-drawing cards for getting a better hand, card-shuffling cards in case I have a bad hand, Level Balls for getting all my Pokemon, Lysandres, Switches, and Escape Ropes for switching Pokemon, Teammates in case I get KO'd.


7. Why no Pokemon Center Lady or other healing cards?

It didn't feel necessary for me to heal my Pokemon. I mean, I can just attach Rescue Scarf in case my Pokemon are about to get KO'd, and I have Teammates and Super Rod as life-insurance cards. Also, I'm more concerned about having a bad hand than getting damage counters on my Pokemon.


What do you think? Leave a review or comment regarding my deck. :)

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Ok first, Why dont you run 4x Professor Sycamore and 4x VS Seeker? Removing some supporter that draw for those 8 cards would allow you to draw More/Faster and to reuse any supporter whenever you need them (VS Seeker). Also you might want to cut your basic energy to 1 type and have only 1 or 2 pokemon has your main attacker. The reason has been explained alot on this forum but you can only attach 1 energy per turn. A good deck can 1HKO any of your non-ex pokemon on its first attack. You might want to run a Vileplume line (For the tool lock abillity) and the Stadium, Forest of the Giant Plants. Which would let you evolve your pokemon on turn 1.

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