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An idea for the future of TCGO: Re-releasing old product.


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Here is the idea, and this is for TCGO only and not for the paper TCG, and can only be purchased online.




When you release a new set online, release an older one, starting with EX Ruby and Sapphire. When the set after the new set comes out, release EX Sandstorm along with it, so on and so forth, or you don't have to release the old and new sets at the same time, more like stagger them, that is, set after black and white is released in august. Set after that is released in November. That means that EX Ruby and Sapphire will be released somewhere September or October. Same thing goes for the next set and the set after that.




Each of the re-release of the old sets will contain boosters and theme decks. I'm pretty sure we all want to have access to the older theme decks to duke it out.




As for sets from Base Set to Skyridge, release that in a compilation booster. Theme decks before EX ruby and sapphire will not have a digital form, but rather there will be brand new theme decks, released online only, that consists of cards from Base Set to Skyridge.




So how are these sets obtained? By buying it with real money of course.




What about banned cards? Except for the pre EX compilation series, banned cards will still be released. It is the players responsibility to remove them from decks when they go into TCGO tournaments.




Where did I get this idea? Magic online. They release old product so that every card has a chance to be used online. Yugioh Online Duel Accelerator has access to cards all the way from Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Magic online has cards all the way from Alpha, that is, if the Masters Edition has any cards from Alpha. So it would totally make sense to re-release sets so the Pokemon TCGO has all the cards all the way from Base Set, and not just the most recent cards.


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