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LF some bats and a Gengar


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I need some cards for a budget psychic deck. I would prefer someone who has spares to give these for a common as they arent rare but I can also trade ss packs.


I need


x2 Golbat (skill dive)

x2 Crobat (skill dive)

x1 Gengar (creep show)

x1 Gengar-EX

x3 Dimension Valley

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I have x3 Dimension Valley but I'm gonna need packs.. They are worth 1.0 standard pack value each even though they aren't marked rare. I'll cut you a deal however and give you all three for 1.5. Depending on what packs you have that will be 1-2 packs. Let me know if you want them or just send me a FR in-game.

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