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Yveltal XY 78, Darkness Blade Effect Not Reset When Benched


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My board:

Active Yveltal XY 78, benched Yveltal EX and Yveltal BKT 94.

Opponent's board:

Active Zygarde EX, benched Vileplume and Carbink BREAK.

I use Yveltal's Darkness Blade, flip tails. Opponent Lysandres benched Yveltal BKT 94, attacks with Zygarde.

My next turn, I use AZ on the active Yveltal BKT 94, promote Yveltal XY 78.

At this point, despite Yveltal XY 78 going to the bench, I am not able to use Darkness Blade or Oblivion Wing. 


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Hi LibertyFighter,


Thanks for your report! I'll send up the information given here for investigation. If you see this issue again, please get a Game Log from the match and send it in a ticket as a .txt file. 


You can get the game log with one of the following methods:


1. During the Game: On the section where the Game Chat is, there is a tab for the Game Log. At the bottom is a button to export the log.
2. After the Game: On the summary screen, there is a button that will allow you to export the log.
To contact the Support Team, go to support.pokemon.com and click "Ask a Question".
Thanks again!
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