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tourniment crashed.


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hi i was playing a tournament at 14:50 BST, i won the first round and lost my second that a 3d/4th place win - 2 packs.


the game then crashed and the only page that i coukld look at said "there is no tournaments at this time, please read the forums for more info", it wont let me even play a trainer challenge.


one question what happened to my prize as the tournament hadn't finished and the paks had dent been awarded pre the crash, Have i lost them?





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If the tournament completed before maintenance you should be rewarded your packs - it more than likely did not though - meaning you'll only be entitled to a refund of the tickets you spent on entry. Unfortunately this has been happening often as of late.


You'll need to submit a support ticket with the information you have posted here on the support website - you may be given the packs you had earned - but more than likely will only receive your tickets back.



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