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Grumpig from Fates Collide


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Is there a bug with this card on here?
Its attack "Head Walking" says to place(it's not allowing me to say put before a, it's censoring me) a basic from your opponent's discard pile, onto its bench, then put 3 damage counters on /that/ Pokemon, however Grumpig's taking the damage when you do it. 
To quote the text on the attack so you all don't have to look this up, it says:

"Place a Basic Pokemon from your opponent's discard pile onto his or her Bench. Then, put 3 damage counters on that Pokemon."


Please note that the word "Put" is replaced with "Place" here because having the word beside the letter A is getting it censored.

So why's Grumpig taking the damage on this attack? I'm trying to create a pure psychic deck that can counter night march if I happen to run into one(I like to play expanded) by sweeping the super weak basic's(JOLTIK! lol) that end up in my opponent's discard pile.

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