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Boz's Trading depot. (Full Arts, EX's, Breaks and secret Rares!)


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I have a few rarer cards i'm looking to offload:-
Bronzong break - 1 pack

Hydreigon Break - 1 Pack

Noivern Break - 1 Pack

Volcanion EX (FA) - 6 packs

Ho-oh EX (FA) - 2.5 packs

Tyranitar EX - 2 Packs

Togekiss eX - 1 pack

M Latios EX - 1 pack

hydreigon EX - 1.5 packs

Hoopa EX (scoundrel Ring) - 5 packs

Pokemon Ranger FA - 3 Packs

Dive Ball (SR) - 7 packs

Winona (FA)- 2 packs -sold

Ghetsis RA - 1 pack

Pack Values are as follows:-

2 Packs HeartGold & SoulSilver, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant, Call of Legends
1.5 Pack Plasma Freeze, Dragon Vault
1.2 Pack Roaring Skies
1.1 Pack Noble Victories, Dark Explorers
1 Pack Black & White, Next Destinies, Dragons Exalted, Boundaries Crossed , Next Destinies, Plasma Storm, Plasma Blast, Double Crisis, Generations
0.77 Steam Siege
0.50 packs Ancient Origins, Emerging Powers, Phantom Forces, Primal Clash, BREAKthrough, BREAKpoint, Fates Collide

Willing to Haggle a little on costing as i am not a Trading Company.

I will also accept in payment

XY greninja 1/2 pack
Az 1/2 pack
Greninja break 5 packs in value

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I actually don't. Is there any other trainers you need? I have a lot of essentials in reverse foil. Also I have Ninja Boys. Feel free to decline as well.

Dive Ball?
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Is that the fa hoopa-ex? Also would you do 5 gen packs for the volcanion fa

afraid that is standard art as my fa is locked. I could do 5 gen packs with either a xy greninja or an az if you have them?
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