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trying to make greninja good


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anyone have any ideas on how the "new" greninja build shoul dbe?

i have been playing it for a while its ma fav deck and i wanna try nd make it work...so far here is what i have built so far, maybe someone can help me out with some tech choices




2 froakie

4 frogadire

4 greninj

3 greninja break

4 talon flame




4 balloon

4 vs seeker

4 dive ball

1 professor letter

2 enhanced hammer

3 rough seas

3 professor sycamore

3 n

1 ace trainer

1 hex (sometimes i like to hex for more pressure, especially in mirror match)

1 lysander

1 pokemon ranger

1 fisherman



8 water energy

1 splash


there is a total of 57 cards here i have room for some techs any ideas?/ maybe a regice? 


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The Octillery drawing-based Greninja decks worked nice. A 2-2 or 2-1 line were so common.


Energy retrieval it's not a bad card to add 1 or 2. Super rod it's very common too. Also T. Mail can be useful to speed up.


What's the main problem you find while playing? Low speed? Lack of drawing? Hitting weak? ...?

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