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Trading Latios + Latias Trainer Kit and More LF Primes, swaps, and more.


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I have some items that I need and some that I want. Here is my list:


Accepting rs/ao/bt/ or ss packs if you dont have the items I want. Rs is valued at 1:1, and rest is .5.


For Trade:


I have one extra Latios + Latias Trainer Kit that I would like to trade away. I don't know its price or remember what I bought it for but I am solely looking for rs for it. 


Fa/Sr mewtwo ex: 3.5/5.5


Landorus ex fa: 8


Hoopa ex ra/promo: 2.5


Sr Altaria: 5


Sr Dusknoir: 6


Sr Exeggcute: 9


Sr Gardevoir non ex: 4


Sr Reuniclus: 3


Sr Sigilyph: 9 


Blue Energy grid card sleeve: 10


Mega Blastoise sleeve: 28


Mega Charizard Y sleeve: 28


Yveltal 1 Box: 15


I have plenty more to trade as well, just ask. Including packs.


Looking For:


Lanturn Prime: 3


Scizor Prime: 5


Scyther rev foil UD (afterimage strike): ?? tell me your price


Shaymin UL nonfoil/rev foil: 2.5/5


I am also swapping grass COL energy for Psychic and Metal COL energies.


Want to trade? Please reply in topic BEFORE sending FR/PM's. Thanks for your time.

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i have ul shays and scizor prime but i value ul shay more than scizor prime. Last night on an offer i made i got 9 rs so if you decide to change what you value it let me know.

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