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Zorark Break and Foul Play


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Client: Current

Card: Zoroark Break, Volcanion Ex

Card Number: Breakthrough #92 (Zoroark) and Steam siege #26

Expected Action: I used Zoroark Break's attack Foul Play in order to copy Volcanic Heat and do 130 damage while not allowing me to attack next turn.

Actual Action: The attack does nothing (the card does a wiggle). However I still get the penalty of not being able to attack the following turn

Steps to Reproduce: Attatch a Dark Energy to a Zoroark Break and use Foul play to copy Volcanic Heat on an opposing Volcanion EX



This glitch is fairly annoying. I have encountered it several times, and it almost always puts me in a negative position in my match. I hope to see this glitch fixed soon.

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I've also experienced this particular glitch, with Foul Play working perfectly on except in this situation. Zoroark does not deal damage but still cannot attack the following turn. Tested with Volcanion not having sufficient energy to attack, having sufficient energy to attack but not yet attacked, having attacked, having attacked but not being on the penalty, and having another Zoroark Stand In while the first has the penalty.

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Problem with zoroark break's attack 'foul play' vs mega venosaur.


On turn 5 (line 65) opponent puts venosaur ex as his active, and evolves into mega, ending turn.


On my turn (line 85), I evolve Eevee on my bench to flareon, & my active into zoroark break. I'm expecting to do 300+ damage, using foul play to copy his attack, plus his weakness to fire types (which I now am because of flareon). I get tails for no bench damage, but no damage is done at all!


Thinking maybe a glitch with the coin flip, I try again next turn... Heads! 30 damage was done to each of his bench guys, but again, no damage to his active Pokémon!


Not sure if it is a problem with foul play, m venosaur, or a complication with flareon, but its definitely a bug.
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