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M Tyranitar Deck Help.


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So I was fooling around and decided to make a M Tyranitar EX deck based around the ability of Ampharos to deal 3 damage to a Pokemon-EX.


The main issue the deck ***** is how slow it is in getting an Ampharos + Mega Tyranitar-EX with 4 energy onto the field. Any advice at all would be appreciated. Also are there any good replacements for Ampharos? Thanks <3




4 Tyranitar EX

3 M Tyranitar EX

1 Shaymin EX (Don't have a 2nd)

1 Hoopa EX

3 Mareep

3 Flaffy

3 Ampharos



2 Level Ball

1 Professor's Letter

2 Mega Turbo

4 Ultra Ball

4 Vs Seeker

1 Ace Trainer

2 Lysandre

2 N

1 Pokemon Ranger

4 Professor Sycamore

1 Skyla

2 Float Stone

3 Tyranitar Spirit Link


4 Double Colorless Energy

9 Dark Energy

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Max Elixirs and instead of running an Ampharos maybe try Clawitzer with the mega boost ability. If you want to get damage counters you could try Bursting Balloon because M Tyranitar has the double trait. 


I almost forgot to mention Dangerous energy which does 20 damage to any EX that attacks a dark pokemon

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