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Ok here is everything i have for trade right now.


Cottonee x2


Pansear x5


Pansage x1


Sawaddle X1


Darumaka X5


Deerling X2


Venipede x4


Scolipede x1


Woobat x1


Throh x2


Roggenrola x3


Sigilyph x2


Gothita x4


Purrloin x1


Ferrothorn x1


Klink x1


Ferroseed x1


Drilbur x1


Zorua x1


Vuliby x1


Boldore x3


Liepard x1


Cinccino x1


Patrat x2


Pidove x2


Ferroseed x1


Audino x1


Great Ball x2


Rufflet x1


Tranquill x1


Minccino x2


Mawile x1


Tangela x1


Koffing x1


Seviper x1


Recycle x1


Potion x1


Pokemon Communication x1


Energy Retrieval x2


Revive x1


Switch x1


Ho-Oh x1 (Holo)


Gothitelle x1 Ability (Holo)


Woobat x1 (Reverse)


Im looking for Boosters of any kind, and offer me the cards you are willing to trade.


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