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More cards from the new set: "evolutions" leaked from exs to secret rares!


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Hello guys girls what ever I will be telling more secret rare cards to you well any of you who hoped for a full art mega charizard or a full art mega venusaur or something like that you have gotten your wish today I will be telling you the last ultra rares to this set whether you like it or not please tell me how you like this new set. 1. The generations box pokemon ex: well now the four are cards as a secret rare. 2. Secret rare mega charizard ex full art: well most like x personally I like the y version yay!

3.mega venusaur (wait for it) secret rare full art yippee!!!!!

4.mega blastoise ex secret rare full art.

5. Full arts Brock's guts and Misty's determination.

6. Secret rare imakunis duduo and secret rare eggegutor.

7. Secret rare:

HERE COMES TEAM ROCKET Being yet another town map!

Tell me how you like the set and read the previous two please!

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A lot of the "secret rares" are only secret Rare in Japan. They will become Full Arts in the English release. 


On another note, I will be one angry banana if Imakuni's Doduo and Ooyama's exeggutor don't make it into the English release. kappa

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