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Magearna-EX Mystic Heart


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It has only come up once, so I have not yet been able to recreate this bug.


Playing my steel deck, I have Magearna-EX on my bench and Doublade active. Opponent is also playing steel (which is what I haven't been able to recreate), using Aegislash-EX (nothing on bench). There are no stadiums or special energy on the field at all.


I evolve my Doublade into Aegislash (shield version) and attack using my Aegislash's King's Shield. On my opponent's next turn, he swings with Aegislash-EX and kills my Aegislash, winning the game and knocking me out of the tournament. But according to King's Shield, my Aegislash shouldn't have taken any damage. The only thing I found that could have allowed it is my Magearna-EX's Mystic Heart.


MH is supposed to only work on my Pokemon that have steel energy but (i assume) it worked for the opponent's Aegislash-EX. That, according to the text on Magearna-EX, is not working as intended.


I've gotta say, a bug losing me a game like that in a ticket event is kinda depressing. I am not looking for anything to recompensate my loss, there's no guarantee I would have won. But I do want someone to look into it and see if that can be fixed or at minimum noted by devs.

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There are known issues with Magearna's ability.  It seems to have blocked the affect of your own attack.

Similar story on my end, only that it involved Damage change Mewtwo-EX rather than Aegislash...


...And they said the bug was fixed:




^ Maybe that fix needs to be applied to client side too?


Wait a second...


That would require more downtime for maintenance...


^ In that case, although I already filed my ticket last night to Pokemon Customer Support, I guess september 21st(and Client version 2.39) couldn't come soon enough... :(

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Issues regarding magearna:


effects of your own attacks won't work If opponent uses any of these types of energy:  metal energy, rainbow energy, prism energy, shield energy, blend energy (water, fighting, lightning, metal).


effects of these tools do not work when opponent uses any of the aforementioned energies: burst balloon, rocky helmet, rock guard, lucky helmet.


effects of Attacks of pokemon won't work when opponent has of the aforementioned energy attached to their pokémon.


This is a serious issue!!

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