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Your favorite music in Pokemon Black&White. (VG&TV)


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I was listening to the music iwhile playing Pokemon White yesterday, and I thought, What is the best song in the game? So I started this tread so poeple can say what there favorite music in Black&White is.


Here are my top three:


1: Village brige (Full versoin with the guitar, singer and other thing<img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/tounge_smile.png" alt="" />)


2: Team Plasma battle (It's just too cool)


3: Cynthia battle (Best trainer in the game)


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Definately, the Village bridge. The guys singing creeped me out the first time. I was like, what is happening to my game LOL. I also like the ghetsis battle music too


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My absolute favortite is this one track called 'Emotion'. It's the song that plays when Bianca and her dad meet in Nimbasa City.


I also like the Team Plasma music! It's so techno and cool.


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  • Emotion
  • Team Plasma Castle Bridge (plays when you walk on the bridge toward the Plasma Caslte)
  • Ending Credits Theme
  • Intro Theme
  • Plasma Battle
  • Ghetsis Battle Theme
  • Victory Road theme
  • Gym Leader's Last PKMN
  • N's Farewell
  • ExtraLink Music'
  • Village Bridge Music
  • Nuvema Piano/Drum Theme



And many more-


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I know that it is not in B&W but i like the Fronteir Brain battle music in Platinum



Me too, I enjoy the HGSS version too.



@Admin: My favorite part is the guitar solo. I am listening to it right now.


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I agree with Silver - Village Bridge has awesome VG music.




Since your thread title also includes BW's TV songs, I would like to add that the opening for BW is awesome. The opening was also the first time that the English opening did not include human characters from the show, which I thought was pretty interesting.


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probely the E4 theme, N's Theme and Team PLasma's Theme


from HGSS


-Legendary Beast Battle(Espiecally Suicune)


-Ho-Oh Theme


Lugia theme


Team Rocket Theme


Kanto Trainer Battle-very epic




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Route 10 is the best tune in the game hands down. After that, I'd have to go with Lacunosa Town's theme, Driftveil's, and Opelucid's (White). Skyarrow Bridge gets honorable mention.


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