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Need help reviewing my first "out of meta" deck


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Tell me whats wrong with my deck if anything, winrate is decent on it atm.


Pokemon - 19


1x Jigglypuff

1x Wigglytuff (Round)

3x Whismur (Round)

1x Loudred (Just as an extra way to get Exploud out if i dont have Rare Candys)

2x Exploud (Round)

2x Meloetta (Round)

4x Tympole (Round

2x Palpitoad (Round)

3x Seismitoad (Round)


Trainers - 31


2x Heavy Ball

2x Level Ball

3x Rare Candy

1x Special Charge

2x Trainers Mail

2x Bridgette

2x Colress

1x Lysandre

2x N

1x Pokemon Fan Club

2x Professor Juniper

2x Skyla

1x Winona

2x Float Stone

1x Heavy Boots


Energy - 10

4x DCE

6x Psychic Energy



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Doing both Exploud and Seismitoad is too much strain on the deck; I would suggest picking one or the other.  It looks like you have more complete toad lines, so I'll do a run-through with that:

 Pokémon- make it four meloetta to get damage more easily.  Also allows for EX OHKOs.

 Trainers- +2 mail, -1 or 2 brigette since it can't get meloetta, +1 juniper, -1 winona, +2 super rod. +3 vs. seeker.

 Energy- try 5 water instead of 6 psychic.  The meloetta don't really need to attack.

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Take out the Exploud and roll with Wigglytuff, unless you feel you need the 50 damage per round.  I agree with Superstone on the others, and I would also ditch a Skyla and the Heavy Boots for at least 2 battle compressors.  If you have Shaymin, ditch the heavy balls and a professor's letter and add Ultra Balls.  Try to get in 2-3 Sky Fields, especially if you use Shaymin.  You will also need at least 1 Super rod or Sacred Ash if you use Ultra Balls.


Alternatively, you can use 4 Meloetta and 4 Wigglytuff, and add in 2 of either Seismitoad or Exploud, for the sake of more speed.  Extra evolution levels = more time in setup.

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