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Visual bug Trade took 2 of my Shaymin-EX (Help)


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I was looking for some good deal in Public Trades to trade 1 Shaymin-EX and then, I saw a trade with a few more packs than the others. It will give 47 Steam Siege Packs + 9 Breaklimit Packs for 1 Shaymin but when I did accept the trade, it took 2 Shaymin instead 1... (I can get like 45 Steam Siege Packs for 1 Shaymin, so I would never accept a trade like that)


I tried to talk with the person who had create that trade, but he never answer me, at least to make the trade in good conditions.


I really want to cancel this trade or something, I'm losing so much money right there. Please, some one help me on this....


Here is some images from the trade, I'm really sad with what happened.


postimg  .org/image/cqlva1vjf/

postimg  .org/image/v1geq1b2t/

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