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Garbodor DRX 54 and Sigilyph PLB 41


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After losing 3 legacy tournaments and not getting feedback on any ticket i wrote, because 1 was closed being too old newer tickets of me get auto closed because I still have other tickets open, witch is not the case)

Garbodor DRX 54 and Sigilyph PLB 41
have the worst interaction in this entire game.
If sigilyph has 4 tools attached and garodor enters the game the game freezes on the side of the player of sigyliph(probably because the client gets to many prompts, because discarding more than 1 tool was never intended).
The game on the side of the other player just continues. There is no way to get back into the game, only with restarting the game 4 times for every sigyliph you had. Then the system discards all of the tools and gets buggy again. After garbodor leaves the field with that bug, the pokemon abilitys are still not being able to be used again.

This ruined 3 legacy tournaments for me and the bug is very consistent. error logs cant be posted, because of the game freeze.

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