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I know specific booster pack cards are not guaranteed, but I get some cards more than others. Should the chances be the same for all Pokémon?


Also, a better matching system would be great. Some of my opponents have lots of EX and/or Megas. I have a Mega Mewtwo-EX that I can't use as I don't have a Mewtwo-EX (see above). Maybe have decks uploaded to the server and compare decks for even battles.


One more thing, I was muted for no reason! (I couldn't find where to put this, so I put it here.) My TCG name is madsmugleaf

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•Certain cards are very common - and most people have large quantities of those - really rare cards are rare for anyone, this is a general rule for any kind of card pack that is worth anything.


•The matching system already pairs you against opponents with a similar win/loss ratio (or so we think, the developers will not release the information on matchmaking) - but even then the pool from which players are picked is limited to those "looking for opponent", so the game will make the closest match possible - even if it means the opponent is overpowered.


•If you'd like to appeal a disciplinary action on your account you'll need to submit a support ticket, discussing disciplinary actions on the forums is prohibited. In this case submitting a ticket would be moot since you're already unmuted - but for future reference:


Submit a support ticket:


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