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Game glitching during match.


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Been having this issue a lot.

At times it looks as if my opponent isn't doing anything, but in all actuality, it turns out the game glitched, causing me to lose 1 or even more turns. The last time this happened was in the finals of a tournament..right at the start. This caused me to miss 2 or 3 turns, having my opponent being set up for an easy kill.

I have made a screen recording of it, sadly can't upload it here.

Other times it happens when I play a card, either attach an energy or play a trainer card. The game freezes, my time keeps ticking, and I can't do anything. When this happens, the 15sec warning comes up, ending my turn. But on my next turn, I can't select anything, causing me to either wait for the next 15sec warning to end turn, and having the same issue in the next turns, or just quit the match.


Have contacted CS about the same issue in the past, made several screenshots and recordings when it happened, but no reply.


This happened to me during Versus matches and tournaments, including several times during the 1st Round.


This issue frustrates me so much that it makes me not want to play anymore.

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I have been experiencing the same issues for the last two days and would appreciate an explanation. I contacted the "Ask a Question" Tech Support and have yet to receive a response.

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