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Question about trading companies - Trading Packs


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Ok I am sure I am missing something.


Question is how are people trading packs for cards. Because I want a Darkrai Ex and willing to trade packs.


So I am in game and I go to the shop. I only see the option to exchange packs for the pokemon coins.


I don't see where I can buy pokemon coins.


I also went to pokemon center shop and looks like they sell teddy bears.


I read that giving codes is common scam. So I cant buy packs in real life and give them codes.


So how does this work.


Assume If I wanted to trade 7 packs for a Darkrai. How do I get these 7 packs.?

I am willing to spend real $$ but I am not sure how to do it.



May some one clarify this for me. 


Do i need to be some level to buy pokemon coins?




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To trade with packs you need to either:


1) Buy IRL code cards or packs that contain code cards if you play in real life as well. Redeem those codes in game and trade the packs you redeem for the cards you need.


2) Play Events. You can win Tradable Booster packs from events with Ticket Entry costs.


3) Buy Gems (Canadian users only). If you live in Canada, you have the option to purchase Gems. Gems function the same as Trainer Tokens except that 1 Gem has twice the value of 1 Trainer Token. Also, purchases with Gems are tradable, while purchases with tokens are locked (with the exception of Pikachu Avatar Boxes).

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