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Mismagius lock


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So, I thought up this deck that would operate similarly to the old Vilegar scheme, using Mismagius instead. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.


27 Pokemon


4-4 Mismagius (Poltegeist)


3-2-2 Vileplume (Trainerlock)


3-2 Lilligant (Bemusing Aroma)


2-2 Ursaring Prime


2 Tornadus


1 Mr. Mime (Trick Reveal)


14 Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums


1x Catcher


2x Candy


2x Elm




3x Collector


3x Copycat


19 Energy


5x Grass


4x DCE


8x Psychic


2x Rainbow


The Lilligant has a wonderous Yanmega counter. If you use Bemusing Aroma and get a heads, their Yanmega Prime is Poisoned and Paralyzed, plus takes 20 damage. By your turn, it has 40. You use Cut for 60, and they are KO'ed by poison, nulling Rescue Energy. Works on any 110 HP Pokemon. I am considering swapping it for Beartic, though (Sheer Cold). What do you think? I'm noticing it's heavy on Energy on low on T/S/S, I might drop a couple Psychic and a DCE or two for more Elm and PONT, with maybe a Seeker or Twins in there.


I'd love to hear your opinions. I'm attempting to get this ready for Battle Road, so how do you think it'll do there?


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Ever thought of a Smeargle just for fun =p


Since Vileplume makes it so you can't use Trainer Cards and Smeargles ability is to mimic whatever Trainer card you want in the opponents hand meaning each turn they can't use any cards but you can keep using them freely anytime you want and they cant get rid of them really. Add a Dodrio in there if you want for free retreating.


But thats just for fun.






But is this Mismagius the one that does 30x damage depending on how many trainer or supporters the opponent has? Just curious.










(Oh yeah and also Smeargle lets you know how many Supporters they have in their hand to figure out Mismagius' damage if its the Mismagius I'm thinking of.)






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Smeargle only uses the Supporters, not Trainers, and only when it's active. Although Dodrio is a good idea. I did make a small mistake; there are only 26 Pokemon in my OP, not 27. The 27th is Mr. Mime (Lost Link, Trick Reveal) for looking at the opponent's hand. I'll make that edit now.


And yes, that is the Mismagius.


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Ah I gotcha, I used Smeargle a bit but what little I did I loved (nothing like getting a Professor Elm effect right after having one in your hand for an instant whatever you want 2nd stage) at least with a Dodrio for free retreating (though I love Dodrio in any deck honestly)




Though Mister Mime seems good to serve the same purpose I originally meant with keeping tabs on their hand.






I like messing around with weird decks and this was one of them I was thinking about hope it works well. I know Ursaring Prime can be vicious lol.


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I'm going to Pokemon League tonight, I'll test it out there some more and see how it goes. If I make any edits I'll tell you about it, and I'll play at least one Battle Road with it. =p I'll tell you how it works out.


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i actually played a deck like this , teching in muk instead of lilligant, it did really well, but if their deck was non trainer based, muk was my only atacker


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Yeah. I think I'm going to drop the Lilligant for straight Ursaring and then add T/S/S, unless I can't get another Ursaring Prime by the end of the week. It's really low on Supporters.


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