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New player trading Company


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Gonna keep it simple since I am new here, but just gonna follow up on some of the more popular threads rates and gonna try to offer best prices.




Accepting Cards in trades as well the value I accept at are in () For example


FA Sycamore 11 (10) trading at 11 accepting for trades at 10. Not currently trading packs just cards for packs or other cards for listed values.




Cards with * just would like packs




Number of Pack Needed to Equal [1] : Thread 'Standard' Value [1] (RATIO)


0.5:1 HeartGold & SoulSilver, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant, Call of Legends (An adjusted ratio for '*' rated or some Legacy-era cards, e.g. 0.8:1)


0.67:1 Plasma Freeze, Dragon Vault (An adjusted ratio for '*' rated cards, e.g. 0.9:1)


0.8:1 Roaring Skies (An adjusted ratio for '*' rated or some Legacy-era cards, e.g. 1:1)


1:1 Black & White, Next Destinies, Dragons Exalted, Boundaries Crossed , Next Destinies, Plasma Storm, Plasma Blast, Double Crisis, Generations (These packs may not be accepted for some '*' rated or Legacy-Era cards; or only at an adjusted ratio e.g. 1.25:1, 1.5:1, 2:1)


1.33:1 Steam Siege (These packs may not be accepted for some '*' rated or Legacy-Era cards; or only at an adjusted ratio e.g. 1.5:1, 2:1)


1.5:1 Ancient Origins, Emerging Powers, Phantom Forces, Primal Clash, BREAKthrough, BREAKpoint, Fates Collide [siz************* packs are not accepted for '*' rated or most Legacy-era cards; might have an adjusted ratio)[/i][/size]


1.75:1 Legendary Treasures, Furious Fists (These packs are not accepted for '*' rated cards or most Legacy-Era Cards; might have an adjusted ratio)


2:1 Flashfire, X&Y[siz************* packs are not accepted for most '*' rated cards or Legacy-Era Cards or might have an adjusted ratio)[/i][/size]






price to the right is what i am asking. up above is the conversions. Price on each card



Have list




Steam siege (ask on steam siege as i may have more quantity)


4x FA Sycamore 11 (10)

2x Volcanion ex(SR) 8 (**

** Gardevoir ex (SR) 4

3x Gardevoir ex fa 3

1x Volcanion ex 3 (2)

4x Magearna ex 1.5 fa 3

1xSteelix EX 2 fa 3

1x M Steelix Ex 2 fa 3

Pyroar Break - 2.5

Clawitzer Break - 1

Hydreigon Break - 1


Talonflame - 1.25 (.75)

Volcanion - 1 (.5)

Yveltal - 1

Xerneas - 1

Yanmega - 0.75

Hoopa - 0.75

Toxicroak - 0.75

Shiftry - 0.5

Infernape -0.5

Clawitzer- 0.5

Chandelure - 0.5

Nidoking - 0.5

Hydreigon - 0.5




Roaring Skies


1x M Ray (Col) 3.5

4x M Ray(drag) 1.5

4x Ray (drag) 1

2x Gallade Ex fa 2

2x M Gallade ex 1.5 fa 2.5

3x Hydreigon EX 1.5 fa 2.5

2x Latios EX 1.5 fa 2.5

2x M Latios Ex 1 fa 2

4x Thunderous Ex 1 fa 1.5


Reshiram - 1

Beautifly - 0.5

Deoxys - 0.5

Jirachi - 0.5

Absol - 0.5

Dragonite (AT) - 0.5

Togekiss (AT) - 0.5

Altaria (AT) - 0.5

Unfezant (AT) - 0.5




Cool stuff



Tropical Beach 2012 offer


2x Shaymin ex Setup 25*


1x FA Juniper 20*


2x Jolteon ex 10 (8)


Vs seeker (gold) 7* (5)







4x vs seeker 1 (.5)


4x max elixer 0.5 (.25)


4x fighting fury belt 0.5










Will be updating as I get more understanding of pokemon online and if anything you see is not fair let me know and i can change but I practically looked at top trading "companies" and went from there.








Help out someone building up

Add me and message me in game for faster trades. Any help appreciated. Also if can join a team/group would be cool.

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Since you say any help appreciated, I will make one friendly note. 


You clearly copied the pack ratio list from Top Cut's thread. Using their ratios and ratio system is fine, but it would help an awful lot to fix the censored parts. Another point is that you don't even have * rated cards. My suggestion would be use their system and ratios if that is how you like to do it, but delete the copy/paste portion and just type it in yourself, leaving out the parts that don't apply to you. I wouldn't say it is plagiarism, but definitely something that needs to be fixed. 


Also if you like, PM me and I will show you how to make a nice looking table for your cards


Good luck with your company, and I will probably be back to make some trades later :)

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