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Standard Format Grass Deck Built Around Steam Siege Tangrowth


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So I'm building a grass deck(trying to refrain from using any colorless or other types, but willing to compromise if it's absolutely necessary) that's built around Tangrowth because he can take care of the bench for me when my Pokemon get hurt while also hitting like a freight train.

I'm thinking:

2x Tangela(Steam Siege)

2x Tangrowth(Steam Siege)
2x Petilil(XY-BREAKpoint)

1x Lilligant(XY-BREAKpoint) - Excellent for stalling, if your opponent attaches an energy to their active Pokemon after you've used her attack that takes 1 energy, they fall asleep.


1x EXP Share(because Tangrowth as we all know takes a LOT of energy)
1x Evosoda

2x Forest of Giant Plants

1x Heavy Boots

2x Level Ball

2x Skyla

1x Teammates

3x Professor's Letter

1x VS Seeker

1x Wally


Retreat costs are crazy, so would trainer card "switch" or the tool "float stone" be a better option to be able to take Tangrowth to the bench? Also, any additions you guys could give to this would be great, because there's plenty of room, especially in the Pokemon area. Tangrowth's super powerful, and I'd love to build a deck around him, but I seem to be getting stomped by everybody regardless of how I build this with my own knowledge.


If there's a Pokemon that works like Victini EX for the standard format, where I can take basic energy and attach it to Pokemon in any manner I want(it has to be able to get grass, though...) I'd love to know.

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