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[Game Bug] Espeon ability - Solar Revelation


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Card: Espeon
Card Number: 48/108, BW92
Expected Action: only my active pokemon was imune to status effect
Actual Action: both active pokemon are imune to status effect
Steps to Reproduce: Set ToxicroakEX as ative, put 2 energy, let the oponent active pokemon with at least one energy, put Espeon on the bench.

Use ToxicroakEX Triple Poison Attack

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Could you please tell us what you think the glitch is?  The OP doesn't specify.


Edit-I'm not entirely sure what you're saying, but I think I get the gist.  You used Triple Poison, and the opponent was immune.  It is possible the opponent had something else in play that could have blocked poison, such as Chaos Tower, Virizion-EX, or Magearna-EX.  Did the message specify if it was your Espeon that prevened it?

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He does specify. Read it again. And English may not be his first language, but he's actually explaining the problem the way we're supposed to, so good for him. (By "put 2 energy" he's probably referring to a DCE, since Triple Poison requires 2 Colorless energies.)


To the OP: there may have been another effect in play that prevented effects on the opponent as well. We'd need more information.

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Hi IRyougi!


Thanks for the info! I'll pass it up but a game log would be really helpful in the investigation. If you see this issue again, get the gamelog from the match and attach it to a Support Ticket.


You can send a ticket to the Support Team by navigating to support.pokemon.com.


Additionally, do you remember what Pokémon was active on your opponents side at the time?


Thanks again!

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Sorry for the late reply,
indeed english is not my first language, sorry...

I had a espeon with Solar Revelation on my bench, tried to use Triple Poison on enemy
and the attack did nothing...
The card (Toxicroak EX) just shaked no poison counter on enemy.

The oponent pokemon had'nt a message saying that it would prevent everything except dmg, like my pokemon did
the messages on enemy pokemon was "this pokemon will do more damage" (his attack was based on energy attached on all pokemon ) and "poison will do more damage" (I placed a Virban City Gym statdium card)

the oponent didn't had anything to block the status effect..
I will try to do it again and post the battle log...
the Game log didn't say who prevented the poison...

edit: more information

edit2: as the mod said, I submitted a ticket with the game log

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