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Trading a Bunch of Cards for SS or RS packs


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Hey guys, I have a bunch of extra cards I don't want. And due to a mute in-game, I'll post what I have for trade here. Please note: I will only be accepting SS or RS packs for these cards. Thank you


The pack ratios:

Steam Siege 1:1

Roaring Skies 1.5:1


2 Deoxys-EX PLF. 3 packs each

1 Altaria DRX. 2 Packs

1 Latias-EX PLF 2 packs

1 RH Holo Kyurem PLF 2 packs

1 Garchomp BKP 1 pack 

 I am open to negotiation. I will even accept EXs cards or other rares along side packs if I find the rare acceptable. 

As I said above, I cannot speak in-game, so, if you are interested leave a comment below.

Thanks. Have a good one! 

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