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Hi, first of all, i'm new here, i just discovered this amazing game 5 days ago, i´d been played with physical cards since i was 12, and that was a long time ago...i mean, i held on my hands the legendary first edition charizard card and felt the happiest boy in the world, so, it's so nice to have this online version.

After played it on my PC, surfing on the net, i figured out that there was a tablet/smartphone version, so, i downloaded it, but i just got frustrated a little bit, because of the down border of the screen.

When you're battling, and you go for cards on your hand, android menu is displayed and a button is unfortunately touched and close the game, so, it's frustrating...maybe you can fix this, or give me some advice to avoid that issue.

I have android 4.4.4. Thanks!

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